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Actor, Singer, & Storyteller



Aaron is a New York City based actor born and raised in Edison, New Jersey. He first found his passion in performing when he was in the sixth grade, understudying his older brother in their middle school production of Oliver!. After a casting shake up and his brother getting a larger role, he made his stage debut and he has been hooked ever since.

Aaron continued performing all throughout high school and went on to study Theatre at Binghamton University. His performing journey has brought him here to New York City and he cannot wait to see where it takes him next. Aaron's passion for performing has only grown since his debut in Oliver! and he has worked vigorously to perfect his craft with each new challenge he has faced. At the end of the day, he will never forget that there is no feeling better than standing on that stage and connecting with the audience just to tell a good story. 


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Tel: 908-217-7289​

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